Willow is 3 months!


You're the big 3 months! This past month you've grown like crazy. You are still in size 1 diapers mainly because we have so many, but you're almost too big for them. I'm guessing you are now 12 pounds, but I haven't weighed you since you were 2 months. You are in 3 month clothing. You eat 6 times a day and sleep from 10:20-7/8 (9 straight hours with no waking! WHOOP!), but we are slowly pushing you bedtime earlier each night. You now love to stick out your tongue and lean forwards like you want to sit up (see pics above). You follow us around the room, smile constantly, and you've just started to really cooh and gurgle at us. Your eyes are still blue. Your hair is starting to thin out, and I'm so curious if it's going to stay strawberry blonde or turn blonde like brothers. I really wish you could stay this little forever. I'm loving this stage in you're in. When I put you down for naps or bed, i immediately miss you and want to just hold you all the time. You are definitely a mommas girl right now and I love it. Your big brother still loves to help me with you, and he's adjusted so incredibly well to having you around. We went to New Zealand this past month and you traveled like a PRO!!! Seriously the best traveler. It was completely the Lord's grace.

We love you Willow Ruth. Being your momma is the best blessing!


Christmas 2014

I'm way behind on posting but I blame being across the world the last week of december and first week of January. Glad to be home and back into the swing of things. I'm back dating this just for organization purposes.

We celebrated Christmas a lot differently this year because of our NZ trip (which I'll post later). We chose to open presents as a family on the 19th of December. We knew family stuff was going to be crammed in the days before Christmas and our flight to NZ left on Christmas morning. I'm so glad we celebrated early and had time for just our little family. I managed to throw together a quick home video of our Christmas morning. It's all blurry from youtube upload, but you get the gist:)

 I sure do love our little family of four. We mainly did stockings and a few small gifts since we had our trip coming up. The big train around our tree was from Canaan's great grandparents. It was the joy of his life for a good week until we left for NZ. When he was up, it had to be on, and he would often just lay on the floor and watch it go round and round.

Christmas with josh's family was very condensed. Since we were traveling to NZ with his mom and sister, we only bought gifts for the kiddos. We ordered Sushi take out and let the kids play with their new toys after dinner. We spent the rest of the night discussing the trip. Josh's dad's family were all sick, so he just stopped by one night to drop off and pick up gifts. He stayed and played with C for a while:) We celebrated with my family on Christmas Eve morning over a big breakfast and gifts. I only managed to snap a few photos. The week of Christmas was crazy busy for us. I'm excited to go back to traditional Christmas gatherings next year. Christmas day was spent in airports but more on that later!


Willow is 2 months!


four days ago, you turned 2 months. I feel like this time around, I'm enjoying this newborn stage ohhhh sooo much more and time isn't flying as fast for some reason. I'm truly soaking up all the little cooh's, movements, snuggles, baby breath (yes, newborn breath is like heaven), and even the early morning feedings. I love it all. I wish you could stay this little forever but now that I know what's coming, I'm even more excited for that as well. It's a funny thing watching your babies grow. You want them to never grow up, yet you love each new stage and look forward to the next. Speaking of growing, you are like a weed, girl. You're 11.3 pounds (a whole pound bigger than brother was at this age) and 22.5 inches long. You are still in size 1 diapers and 0-3 months clothes, although a few select 3 months clothing are fitting. You sleep from 11pm to 5:30-6:30am. WHOOP! I know you could sleep until 7am if we got this horrible diaper rash healed. You are starting to make eye contact and follow things with your eyes. You give out smiles freely and I love your little grin. Your napping during the day like a pro most days and for that I'm super thankful because I can focus on brother. He LOVES YOU! Anytime you cry he wants to immediately check on you and asks "lo-lo okay?". He gives you your paci and will help me with you whenever I ask him to do something. He gets beside himself when you happen to look at him and just giggles away. I love watching his bond with you grow. I know you will be such sweet friends. So far you are pretty chill, but when your upset... your upset:) You loathe diaper changes and clothing changes, which I hope changes because dressing you up is just too fun.

Sweet pumpkin, we love you so. More than I could ever write or express. You're just the sweetest thing on earth.



Family Date 12/12

Our city puts on a big Christmas light show every year. You drive through while listening to their radio station. Over the years, they've added new lights and even a village at the end where you can ride a camel, enter a petting zoo, meet santa, get hot cocoa, or play in fake snow. We took C last year, and he was kinda into it. BUT THIS YEAR, he was waaaay into it. I let him sit in my lap in the front seat (don't worry it's in a park and you go 5 mph an hour on a one way street), and he loved every minute. Sweet Willow slept the entire time. We played in the snow and walked around the village. Love these little traditions with my family. 
 He's such a ham.
Pictures really don't do it justice. This isn't even a fourth of the lights. It's so magical, especially for the littles.  If you live in Memphis, you must do Starry Nights at Shelby Farms. My big advice, go on a weekday night. NO LINES!

So thankful for the last 12 months of family dates. Crazy to look back through them and see how C has grown. We've had so much fun. I sure do love these people of mine.