Adoption Update

It's been a while since I've done a proper Adoption update. I'm currently cuddled up on the couch with my clingy, teething Willow girl, so I'm typing all this on my phone which is fun (hint: sarcasm haha). Putting her down isn't an option, and I'm honestly okay with that. She won't want these cuddles one day so I'm soaking them up. 

Our adoption update is that well, there is none. We are waiting on a Birth mom to pick us. Our agency currently isn't working with many birth mommas for various reasons, but we trust in His perfect timing. 

In case you missed it, OUR ADOPTION IS FULLY FUNDED with our agency!!! We are so overwhelmed by this. I never ever thought we would raise all the funds for adoption before a placement. On days of discouragement, I can look back on all he's done in our journey and be assured that he is working and faithful. 

I thought I would mention here that just because we are working with an agency doesn't mean our placement has to come from them. Our birth mom could easily be connected to us through other avenues. Like friends, family, or even social media. I recently had a friend tell me that they were informed of a baby needing a home but didn't think the baby could be placed with us bc he was in Tennessee. We actually can be placed with a child in any state bc we have an active home study. So I thought I would mention that if anyone reading knows of a situation were a baby needs to be placed with a family or a birth mom is considering adoption but doesn't have a family picked, to remember us:) my prayer is that no matter how the placement happens, whether through our agency or outside of that, that the Lord alone would be glorified and His will be done. 

I've clung lately to Colossians 1:17. "He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together". He is before our adoption. He knows the outcome, time of placement, the amount of hairs on the baby's head, and the joys and struggles we will face. He knows already. He alone holds our adoption journey together. We won't be placed a second sooner than He wills. I've found so so much freedom and assurance from this verse. It's been my sanity lately and something I repeat to myself at least 10 times a day. 

When we first went active again in Sept/Oct of last year my constant prayer and plea was for the Lord to work in our adoption. At the time I meant that the Lord would allow our adoption to happen quickly and be drawing the Birth mom to our agency and then to us. For weeks when nothing happened, I took it as the Lord just wasn't working. What he began showing me was that he was indeed working for our adoption- he was working in me. Over the last 4-5 months of waiting that Lord has done a tremendous work in my heart and life. I won't go into detail of it all here, but he has been steadily refining, molding, and changing me into more of an image of him. It's been a really really sweet past few months of being in his word daily and trusting in him. I can so clearly see now one reason why the adoption hasn't happened yet, and that was because there was work to be done in my heart and life. 

Most days the waiting comes easy. I can easily focus on Christ and the here and now. My sweet husband, my outgoing 3 year old, and my, very much still a baby, 1 year old. I'm loving this time as a family of four. It's been so sweet and I'm so thankful. But I'd be lying if I said days or moments of discouragement didn't come. If you aren't adopting or been through the process it's hard to understand. So please just be gracious when reading this. Knowing I have a child out there somewhere but not knowing when I will meet him/her is hard. It just is. I desperately want to know and be loving on our birth mom. With domestic adoption, there really is no timeline when things will happen. It's simply waiting on the Lord. We have no control. I repeat Col 1:17 over and over in my head on those days and ask the Lord to help me keep my focus on him and him alone. To help me be faithful in the waiting and content in where he has me and our family now. I beg for his strength to help me overcome my selfish desires of wanting it to happen on my time and I ask Him to show me ways that I can love and encourage others in their seasons of waiting. 

I'm so thankful to be in this waiting period. Of course I want or adoption to happen sooner than later, but this season has been so sweet and the Lord has used it to draw me closer to him. And at the end of the day, more than I desire our adoption to be completed, I want and desire Christ. He HAS to be my focus. I have to want him more than anything else or those things become idols in my life. More of Jesus. Less of me. Less of everything else. Just give me Jesus. 


December Recap 2015

This month was packed with event after event. We had plans every night before Christmas but 3!! It was so much fun though. And as much as we had going on, there was still so much down time and relaxation. I'm so thankful for such a fun, sweet month and advent season.

 always playing trains. This time while singing "Hark the Harold, Angels Sing"
 photo IMG_1625.jpg

 Starry Nights and Five guys tradition!! photo IMG_1648.jpg
 photo IMG_1672.jpg photo IMG_1656.jpg

 Christmas cousins night at Lolli and Poppa!
  photo IMG_1724.jpg
 photo IMG_1727.jpg
 We redid our bedroom at the very end of Nov/beg of December! Scored a great deal on midcentury bedroom set on Craigslist! The wall behind our bed is black and I love our wedding prints!!
 photo IMG_1760.jpg  photo IMG_1791.jpg

Passed out after a day of fun!
 photo IMG_1761.jpg

 photo IMG_1800.jpg

 My whole family grew up loving Newsies! We all went out to eat and then to the play together!  photo IMG_1812.jpg
 photo IMG_1816.jpg

 Christmas decor is obviously my favorite! photo IMG_1823.jpg

 snuggles with my Willow girl.  photo IMG_1856.jpg

 Community group gang. photo IMG_1956.jpg

 Slow monday mornings photo IMG_1961.jpg

 these two.... hilarious.  photo IMG_1981.jpg

 just being her cute self.
 photo IMG_2036.jpg

 when you brush out his curls..... photo IMG_2042.jpg

 Sweet girl in her mommas dress.  photo IMG_2054.jpg

 made time to paint! photo IMG_2061.jpg

 My sweet friend, Nicole, hosted a girls night/For his glory party. Basically we all brought gifts that represented our walks with Christ this year. We then each told the story behind them when someone chose our gift. I went home with a pillow that represented "Rest" to a girl who came. I love that every time I look at it now I'm reminded to stop in Rest in Him.  photo IMG_2071.jpg

 WE RAISED ALL THE FUNDS FOR OUR ADOPTION!!!! This was me mailing out the very last of the shirts.  photo IMG_2097.jpg

 Spent one morning at my FIL's greenhouses picking out poinsettias and exploring.
  photo IMG_2123.jpg
  photo IMG_2143.jpg

 Both of these are real life, no posing involved. Just C being C.  photo IMG_2195.jpg
 photo IMG_2208.jpg

 Sweet cousins.

 photo IMG_2273.jpg photo IMG_2278.jpg
 ^^some of the Redeemer babies. We are missing a few, but I love seeing how much this clan has grown!

 Willow being her cute, sassy self in her mommas Christmas dress.

 photo IMG_2568.jpg
 photo IMG_2315.jpg
 photo IMG_2322.jpg
 photo IMG_2327.jpg

 Our church had a huge Christmas party at one of our member's homes. It was sucha fun night of food, fellowship, christmas carols, and photobooths.
 the guys staff pic.. I can't handle it.  photo IMG_2340.jpg

 Love my babies! photo IMG_2353.jpg

 devouring her first apple.  photo IMG_2396.jpg
 photo IMG_2399.jpg

 sneaking gifts. Girlfriend is such a little sneak. photo IMG_2564.jpg

 Hurray for CFA for dinner!!
  photo IMG_2574.jpg

 We got a membership to the CMOM. We are in heaven with it and the kids LOVE LOVE the outdoor playground.  photo IMG_2581.jpg

 Bringing in the new year with a good ole time out.  photo IMG_2592.jpg
 Best BUDS
 photo IMG_2606.jpg
 They have started to get so close. Where one goes, the other follows. Willow thinks the world of her big brother. They sat here unprompted by themselves for a good 20 mins.  photo IMG_2626.jpg

 target runs give us sanity.  photo IMG_2630.jpg


Merry Christmas 2015

I'm so behind on posting Christmas that I'll have to back date it... HA! I've just really been enjoying this break and the new year and not having to edit anything. But I figured I need to do it before February hits haha. We had such a wonderful Christmas. Last year, Christmas was spent in airports and our long flight to NZ. So this year, we were thrilled to get back to our normal Christmas traditions.

We did Christmas with Josh's dad on the 23rd at his place. We ate, opened presents, and played way past bedtime. My kiddos love their grandadaddy and playing at his house. Auntie Ashleigh may be their favorite though:)

 photo IMG_2414.jpg

 photo IMG_2421.jpg
 photo IMG_2424.jpg
 photo IMG_2427.jpg

Christmas Eve morning selfie:

Christmas Eve we spend with Josh's mom and his sister. I love that we don't eat tradition Christmas food. We started eating Fish Tacos a few years back and I always look forward to it! Our kiddos were spoiled with gifts. I think we opened each one and made a giant mess of toys.
 photo christmas2015-001.jpg
 photo christmas2015-002.jpg

Thanks to a self timer with a 3 second delay for this hilarious family photo!
 photo christmas2015-004.jpg
littlest one opening her gifts...
 photo christmas2015-005.jpg
 photo christmas2015-006.jpg
I think she was pleased...

C and Aunt Erin reading books. This is soooo them!
 photo christmas2015-007.jpg
 photo christmas2015-008.jpg
So thankful for an Auntie who gives us so many books. My kids love them and I love that they love them so much!
 photo christmas2015-009.jpg
 photo christmas2015-010.jpg
 photo christmas2015-014.jpg
She LOVES this little walker toy!
 photo christmas2015-015.jpg
And her doll...
 photo christmas2015-018.jpg

We got home late and let the kiddos sleep in the same room- a tradition I had growing up. They both loved it and went to bed fairly easy considering. Josh and I stayed up setting C's train table up. We were so anxious to see his reaction. I wish I could get the video to upload here, but blogger is being weird. Anways, he was in pure shock Christmas morning....

 late night train prep....

 photo christmas2015-019.jpg
 photo christmas2015-020.jpg
 photo christmas2015-021.jpg
 photo christmas2015-022.jpg
Willow's favorite gift was Mudgy being there!
 photo christmas2015-024.jpg
Opening Stockings...
 photo christmas2015-025.jpg
 photo christmas2015-026.jpg
 photo christmas2015-027.jpg
 photo christmas2015-028.jpg
 photo christmas2015-030.jpg
 photo christmas2015-032.jpg
 photo christmas2015-033.jpg photo christmas2015-036.jpg
 photo christmas2015-037.jpg
 photo christmas2015-038.jpg
 photo christmas2015-040.jpg
 photo christmas2015-041.jpg

I was so surprised when Husband got me a Polaroid camera!!
 photo christmas2015-042.jpg
 photo christmas2015-044.jpg

After gifts we played with the new toys and enjoyed some cinnamon rolls. We chilled at the house for a little bit and then went to my parents.


Willow is wearing my old dress. My sister Audrey bought her daughter, Jovie, one that is very similar and we were determined to get a cute pic of the two of them together... Willow had other plans.

 photo christmas2015-047.jpg
 photo christmas2015-048.jpg
 photo christmas2015-049.jpg
 photo christmas2015-051.jpg

Sweet Judah Bug
 photo christmas2015-053.jpg
 photo christmas2015-056.jpg photo christmas2015-057.jpg
 photo christmas2015-058.jpg
 photo christmas2015-060.jpg
 photo christmas2015-061.jpg photo christmas2015-063.jpg photo christmas2015-064.jpg
 photo christmas2015-067.jpg

 little man just couldn't hang anymore...

So thankful for my crazy, loud, wonderful family. We loved getting together with our families and exchanging gifts. But I would be lying if I said they were my favorite part of Christmas. Because my favorite part of our entire Christmas was waking up early Christmas morning and having my quiet time by the tree lights. I read the Advent story and just praised God for sending his Son to come and save us all. He is the true reason for Christmas and He alone deserves all the Glory. It was the sweetest Advent season and Christmas for me. I'm so blessed and thankful for all the Lord has done in my life and my families lives this year. Praise be to Him!