32 Week Bumpdate: Round 2

How far along: 32 weeks. But both photos are from 31 weeks.

Total Weight Gain: I think 20-22 pounds
Maternity Clothes: absolutely. Although mainly dresses. Just soooo hot here!

Best Moment this Week: last week I had a great appointment. This week I've been knocking out things on my to do list and project list like a champ!
Gender :Girl- Willow Ruth
Movement: so much and I love it!
Food Cravings: italian and carbs. Trying my hardest to cut back on carbs but they are just soooo yummy.
Food aversions: heavy meals or fried food. 
What I Miss: not having heart burn every night. It's so bad all day long!
Sleep:really great! Usually only one trip to the bathroom and getting in naps whenever I can. If I remember correctly, sleeping was hard with C. I think because I'm working out more with this pregnancy, I'm more exhausted and ready for rest.
What I am looking forward to:her arrival obviously, but also finishing up her nursery. I've gotten so much done and still have so much more to do. Decorating it all for $100 or less means lots of DIY projects!

Belly Button:flat


Taking Stock 004

Making : so many projects for Willow's room
Cooking : veggie pasta for dinner. Because Italian is all this momma is craving these days.
Drinking : water, water, water like a good pregnant momma.
Reading: 1 Samuel and Gone Girl
Wanting: all the headwraps in the world for W.
Looking: forward to D-Day.
Playing: non stop choo-choo's for days on end.
Wasting: brain cells searching pinterest for yummy meals
Trusting: my shirts to hang on until the end.
Sewing: weaves. well weaving weaves, if you will.
Wishing: for FALL, DANG IT.
Enjoying: nap time lately. Gives me sooo much time to get things done.
Waiting: for him to get up, because as soon as he goes down for that nap, I miss him.
Liking: frozen peaches. yum.
Wondering: where all my hair bands have gone, is it just me?
Loving: Master Chef. My favorite tv show currently.
Hoping: for an easy, safe delivery
Marveling: at how wonderful my husband is. this year has been the best yet.
Needing: a pedicure. trying to paint them is useless
Anticipating: the day our adoption is active again.
Contemplating: selling my right arm for this
Smelling: peanut butter left over from his dino shaped sandwich
Wearing: dresses. always.
Following: bread crumbs in hopes of catching a mouse. I'm telling you, we have one. It's somewhere in this house. and I will kill it.
Noticing: the husband's discipline. Running 3 days a week now. So proud:)
Knowing: i have the best gal pals around
Thinking: about all that has to be done around this house before she arrives
Praying: for babies for friends. like seriously. Lord, give them babies!
Bookmarking: inspirational color pallets for weaves
Opening: our home to the married men in our CG every wednesday so that they can discuss biblical manhood and leading in the home. It's pretty much made me a puddle of mush. So thankful for my husbands and these men who aspire to be Godly husbands and fathers.
Giggling: about all the new words he says
Feeling: almost ripe. Come on baby


a big pot of gumbo jumbo ramblings on everything around here.

 like the title? I'm craving gumbo. Nope, never had it. Just sounds realllll good. Hot soup, carbs, bread on the side. I'm just a tad ready for fall. duh.

I have approximately 55 minutes before the Social Security office calls me back (yeah, that's how long the wait time is), so I thought it appropriate to kill that time eating basil, cream cheese and tomato toast (so so yumm) and writing a ridiculously long post on life around here lately. With Willow being born 8 weeks before our NZ trip, we are just a tad bit stressed about getting her passport in time. Looks like a two hour drive to the closest office will happen in order to get it, that is if Social Security isn't a gem and expedites her number. Crossing fingers.

Oh goodness. So much happening around here lately. We've (really me) been booked with photography sessions. I'm taking a big leave Oct-Dec, so I'm trying to get as many session done before then. Thankful to have all that time adjusting to life with two tots, but it's causing my days and nap times to be filled with editing currently. Which isn't a complaint, it's just meant no blogging. I've also been pumping out projects for her nursery like a crazy woman. Oh, and nesting has hit full swing and I have the longest list on the planet of all the things I want to do around the house before she comes. Things like chores and organizing clothes and all the real boring stuff, but somehow it seems totally exciting to me. Hoorah for folding endless amounts of clothes! Hurray for scrubbing baseboards!

Our nights have been filled with church functions, having couples over, and opening our home to others. Every Sunday night is community group and every wednesday night all the men from our CG come over to discuss a book they are reading together on biblical manhood and discipleship in the home. During their chat, the wives sit around and watch babies or if I'm being real honest just watch tv and take a load off! Once they finish their book, it will be the wives turn to go through something together. So thankful for our home. That the Lord has given us a desire to have it filled with others and be a place of learning and growing in Him, not just for us, but for the people we do life with too. Sunday and Wednesday nights are my favorite nights of the week. Most other nights we have another couple over or we just spend it just the three of us. That usually means play time, dinner, a walk, and cuddling. C's personality and vocabulary is drastically growing and it's been down right hilarious sometimes.

 photo IMG_6695.jpg
 photo IMG_6705.jpg
 photo IMG_6689.jpg
 photo IMG_6696.jpg
 photo IMG_6664.jpg
 photo IMG_6698.jpg

 like last week the kid woke up and put on his winter hat, grabbed a flash light, and giggled his way into daddy's arms. We stayed in his room with the lights off playing and reading by flash light for a good hour or so. it was seriously heavenly.

 photo IMG_6738.jpg
 photo IMG_6734.jpg

 photo IMG_6739.jpg
 photo IMG_6732.jpg

and then there's super fox. He thinks his bath towel is the bee's knees and can you blame him? it clearly has super powers. Like the ability to learn and nail the perfect surprise face!  It's hard to believe that life with just us three is dwindling down and a little girl is coming to crash the party. And I mean that in a good way. Crash away willa girl, crash away! I find myself trying to be so much more intentional with my time with him and prepping him for a new sibling. He's learned to completely clean up his toys after himself, tell me when he's dirty (potty training will happen after NZ, but we are talking about it now), bring me diaper and wipes, and alllllmoossstt get his shorts on by himself. He's already a very independent player, and he's never been really needy, so this is good. I'm honestly convinced that if I just buy him 10 new trains when Willow arrives, the boy will never come out of his room or need me ever again. Because trains are his sole purpose for living at the moment. Lives and breathes for them. It's adorable and ridiculous how much he loves them.

(cue drastic change in topic)

This pregnancy has been going so darn well thus far! Praise Him! I feel great most of the time and I'm sleeping through the night waaayyy better than I did with C. Probably due to working out 4 times a week and chasing an almost 2 year old around. Nonetheless, I'm super thankful. She moves around with a vengeance most days. Sister has drama already. Of course, Satan has already start his assault with the whole schpill that I'm not ready to be a mom of two, that I'll fail,  and that I'm too selfish to give of myself everyday to these two little humans. And I just respond right back with (some days slower than others), you right Satan! I'm horribly not ready, and I'm totally selfish, but Jesus is full of grace. And He will equip me to be a mom of two like he did to be a mom of one. He'll provide just enough grace for each day and just enough conviction to have me on my knees in repentance. It's mostly at night time right before I slumber, that he feeds me these lies of inadequacy. Some nights I've let it get the best of me, and some nights I'm quick to dismiss.... it all just depends on how emotional this preggo momma is that day. THIS ARTICLE has been saved on my phone and something I've read over and over again. Probably some of the best parenting advice I've read. Such good reminders on how to love and lead our children.

now if you'll excuse me, I have a hungry husband on his way home who needs a snack and a few minutes of relaxation before my dino, train, car loving little boy wakes up from his nap.... oh and that dreaded phone call. excuse all the grammar mistakes you just read. I got zero time for that spell check mess. peace:)


Family Date 7/12

We technically took July's family date on August 1st due to how the days fell, but we are still counting it for July. C can't get enough of Choo-Choo's right now. Like he lives and breathes them. First thing he says in the morning and last thing he says at night. He carries his one train book around alllllllllll day, and he begs to watch Thomas the Train during breakfast.

So OBVIOUSLY a visit to a train was a must. Like major. The Collierville Square has three really cool old train carts that you can walk around and even tour. When we pulled up he pointed and went crazy. Then, once we approached them, he became very reserved and shy. After some warming up, he ran up and down the halls of one of the carts. It was actually really fascinating to see inside and get a taste of traveling in one from back in the day. We didn't account for WWIII breaking out when we left. I've never seen that kid produce more tears in my life. In fact, he cried so hard he put himself to sleep. Bless him.

We had a picnic at Shelby Farms with a sweet blogger friend whose family was in town. It was so lovely to finally meet her, her boys, and husband in person. The kids ate and played and played and we got a chance to talk about raising boys, homeschooling, adoption, etc.

 photo IMG_6492.jpg
 photo IMG_6496.jpg photo IMG_6497bw.jpg
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