2014 Beach Trip : Their LoveBird Sessions

Last week we went on vacation with three other couples. We seriously had one amazing time. I promise I'm going to blog about it soon (and our maternity beach session) but for now you just have to go take a look at the mini sessions I did with all three couples. I love each session so so so much. Would it be weird to frame their images for my home? Probably, but I love them so, I kinda don't care.

View their sessions here:)

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 photo beach3.jpg


Bumpdate : 27-28 Weeks : Round 2

 ^pic is from 27 weeks at the beach

How far along: 28 weeks
Total Weight Gain: Two weeks ago at the doc I had gained 19! So far I'm super pleased with how much I've gained. A pound or two is from muscle because I've been working out and lifting weights. With C I gained 30 total, so I'm just trying to stay underneath or right at 30 again.
Maternity Clothes: Wearing maternity tops. Little girl pokes way more out than her brother ever did. I can still wear non-maternity pants with a hairband or belly band

Best Moment this Week: Our beach vacation was a dreeaaammm, but the best was coming home to our sweet C. 
Gender :Girl- Willow Ruth

Movement: all day, everyday:)
Food Cravings: so much. Spring rolls, breakfast food, Five guys hamburger, asian, greek, italian. HA!

Food aversions: heavy meals or fried food. 

What I Miss: not having heart burn every night. ugh.
Sleep:really great! Usually only one trip to the bathroom and getting in naps whenever I can
What I am looking forward to:getting her nursery decorate! I have already painted and set up furniture. Just need to add the finishing touches!

Belly Button:in and very flat


on turning 25. HBD to me.


 ^^my birthday last year. At the beach with my entire family and boys. A seriously good, good day. And OMG how was he evvverrrrr that little? stop it.

I really can't think of a better way to celebrate turning 25 than our plans for Saturday. Not real sure what we will do that morning other than clean and pack for the beach. Maybe a yummy breakfast or lunch out with my fellas. That night our church is having a community picnic at a local park. I'm so excited I'll get to spend my birthday night with all my church family just relaxing and playing with our kids. Then Sunday after church, husband and I are leaving our sweet C in some good hands and heading off to the beach with three other couples for a week. It's our 5 year anniversary/ my birthday/ babymoon trip. I'm sure I'll blog it all later. It shall be glorious (that is if I can get over the anxiety of leaving my boy).

24 turned out to be year much different than I had planned and praise the Lord for that. A few of the big things:

-I watched my baby turn one.
-And we celebrated with a big party.
-We were approved for our adoption, made a profile book, and film.
-We waited, and waited, and waited for a birth mom to pick us.
-In February we learned some exciting, family changing news & announced it with a video in April.
-Little Brother became a husband. Totally didn't see this coming when I turned 24, but so so thrilled!
-We then waited and hoped that a BM would still choose us, but come end of May, we were officially paused on all adoption fronts until this coming April.
-We took a family trip to Atlanta.
-We found out our sweet baby is WILLOW GIRL.
-And I closed out my 24th year with a trip to St. Louis with my family & Nashville with my girls.

 This year has been incredibly wonderful. It was a complete 180 from what I had planned. I thought by 25 I'd be cuddling a brown, little baby boy. I'd be outnumbered with boys in my home, and we'd be adjusting to life with two little boys. Instead, I was given more time with just C, a sweet little girl growing in my womb, and the promise of a fulfilled adoption in our not too distant future. I'm so thankful the Lord is sovereign over our lives and His will is so much sweeter, better, and greater than our own. Who knows, maybe by my 26th year next year I'll be cuddling a sweet baby girl and a little brown boy:) Or I'll be adjusting to life with two and starting an international adoption instead of doing domestic. We are so torn as to where the Lord will lead our adoption once April hits. We can easily pick back up with our domestic adoption and simply wait again for a BM to pick us, or we can switch roads and pursue international adoption. Thankfully, we have several months to figure that out. And whatever happens this year, I'm thankful I can trust in Jesus. All I ask for this next year is love and health for me and mine.

Goodbye, 24. You were incredibly splendid to me. I think my 25th year will be the best yet. A little girl to welcome, a family of four to adjust to, and trip to New Zealand in December and a whole lot more of the unknown. I can't wait. Growing older is the best. I don't mind it one bit because it just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.



Last weekend a group of the ladies in our church went up to Nashville for a quick one night girls trip. (We greatly missed all the ladies who couldn't attend!!) We had an absolute blast to say the least. We left early Friday (after a stop to Starbucks obviously) and headed straight for Franklin. We ate on the square and shopped around for several hours before heading to the hotel in Nashville and taking a 2 hour nap before dinner. Glorious, it was glorious. I can not say how much I loved how laid back the trip was and that we even had time for all the tired mommas and ladies to catch some much needed extra Z's. We booked a late night dinner at Maggiano's and took way to many pictures (#revisiongalsdonashville) while waiting on our reservation. The next morning after breakfast at the hotel, we headed off to the Opry Mills Mall to spend the entire afternoon scrounging sale racks. It's a little absurd how much we scored on sales! A delish lunch at Chuy's and a little more shopping was done before heading back to Memphis. I couldn't love these ladies more. I feel extremely blessed to do life with them and call them dear friends. We laughed at silly things, had deep convo's on the road trip, and really relished in all the girl time. There were so many women who couldn't make the trip, so we will definitely be making it again next year. I can't say it enough, I'm so thankful for the community I have with these woman and our church. I sincerely urge you to get plugged in to a local body of believers. If you live near by, we'd love love love to have you! We as humans were meant to live in community. We as believers were meant to live in community. The accountability, support, and encouragement that comes along with it is so needed to grow and prosper spiritually.

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